Canadian Stats

Did you know food and beverage manufacturing business in Canada are the number one employer?

Canadian Stats

FPSC leads labour market analysis for the food and beverage manufacturing industry in Canada and the numbers are impressive. The industry employs more than a quarter of a million people and produces goods worth more than $110 billion every year. Greater than a third of the industry’s production is exported to nearly 200 countries around the world. Currently, the industry directly employs 280,000 people but we estimate that by 2025, 65,000 more people will be needed to meet new consumer demands.

This challenge is tangible given the vacancy rate in the industry is approximately 3.8% higher than the 3% vacancy rate for the overall manufacturing sector. And 1/5th of the workforce is aged between 55 and 64, with many of these workers eligible to retire over the next 10 years.

A snapshot of the industry’s overall priorities can be reviewed here.

  • Workforce planning, skills training and the labour supply continuum.
  • Competitiveness with other major food producing jurisdictions outside of Canada.
  • Innovation strategy and implementation at the facility level.
  • Sustainable production and management of key issues including water, food loss + waste and packaging.
  • Food system collaboration from farm through to consumer.
  • Industry awareness and understanding of food and beverage manufacturing processes and ingredients.
  • Regulatory harmonization across provinces and regions and with other food producing jurisdictions outside of Canada.

Workforce planning is the Canadian food and beverage manufacturer’s immediate challenge and opportunity. In collaboration with industry groups, FPSC is delivering on programs and resources to support talent attraction and retention, skills training and education to career pathways. Together, we will solve the labour challenge for industry and provide meaningful careers for people.