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Canada’s Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry

The food and beverage manufacturing industry is a key economic driver to the Canadian economy and the leading manufacturing sector employer.

  • 280,000 Canadians employed
  • Exports to over 190 countries
  • 60% of production purchased domestically
  • 7,250 businesses with the majority considered small to medium-sized (less than 100 employed)
  • 66% of agricultural products routed to manufacturing
  • Integral to Canada’s food supply chain from farm to grocery retail and foodservice

11 Subsectors of Canada’s Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry

  • Animal Food Manufacturing
  • Grain and Oilseed Milling
  • Sugar and Confectionary Product Manufacturing
  • Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty Food Manufacturing
  • Dairy Product Manufacturing
  • Meat Product Manufacturing
  • Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging
  • Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing
  • Other Food Manufacturing
  • Beverage Manufacturing
  • Cannabis Product Manufacturing

Canadian Food and Beverage Manufacturing Businesses by Sector

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Total Food and Beverage Employers per Province

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  • Meat product manufacturing is the largest sub-sector followed by bakeries and tortilla manufacturing and beverage manufacturing.
  • The highest concentration of businesses is in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia.
  • Cannabis product manufacturing is the most recent sector addition to the food and beverage industry with the legalization of cannabis edibles occurring in 2019.