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A remarkable 1 in 8 Canadians are employed in the Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industry. When you think of businesses in this industry that are located across the country, think of the dedicated and skilled individuals that make certain food is produced with the highest safety and quality. It is easy to understand why Canada’s food and beverage sector is a leader around the globe.

At Food Processing Skills Canada, it is our job to support people with the best skills development and training. We focus on businesses by providing labour market analysis, funding support, e-learning and certification. And with our Learning & Recognition Framework – the first of its kind in Canada – curriculum, courses and accreditation will become aligned.

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COVID-19 Resources

To access Managing the Virtual Workplace at NO COST please use the code FPSChelps at checkout.

To access National Sanitation Training Program at NO COST please use the code FPSChelps at checkout.

Workplace Return - A report from McKinsey & Company on understanding the COVID-19 situation and how businesses can stay protected.


Changes to BC Post Farm and On Farm Food Safety Programs respond to COVID-19 global pandemic

Immediate, one-time funding available for Personal Protective Equipment

Youth, Recent Immigrants and Indigenous people are highly motivated to find employment

Research completed by Food Processing Skills Canada is providing employers with valuable insight into the motivations, perceptions, interests, challenges and preferences of prospective employees for the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Crisis Communications & Employees – what we learned from Hans Dairy

Living and working during a global pandemic is new to all of us – this situation with COVID-19 is unprecedented.

Evolving how you lead in a world of accelerated change

Resilient organizations and leaders are like putty - stretched, pulled and twisted, yet still hold their shape.


Welcome to Canada's top loyalty program for the food & beverage manufacturing industry.

Working with industry, for industry.


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We provide businesses with the tools they need to create an innovation culture.


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