Certification of Worker Skills

Proving your expertise and enhancing your skills. It starts here.

Certification of Worker Skills

As part of the FPSC’s Professionalizing the Industry initiative a feasibility study on the certification of people in the industry was completed. This study clearly identifies that industry will benefit from having certifications and that the uptake would be significant.
We also understand from our own experiences that professional designations demonstrate proven expertise and experience of an individual. And for that individual, a professional designation provides a career boost and the confidence to succeed. Check out our courses at FoodCert and the process to certifying your skills.


We are firmly committed to the process and achievement of certifications. There is a clear role for certification by professionals, employers, educators and students. Individuals certified by Food Processing Skills Canada have a proven edge by demonstrating a level of knowledge and subject matter expertise. For the industry, certification raises the bar and establishes a new normal for their workforce.

Canadian Certified Industrial Meat Cutter (CCIMC) Level 1

This certification identifies and recognizes individuals who meet specific competency standards in the meat sector. The process is a two step process involving practical experience, completion of an exam and a performance evaluation.

Canadian Certified Meat Professional (CCMP) Level 2

This Level 2 Meat Professional certification follows the Level 1 Meat Cutter certification. The training program to achieve certification is in development and will be available on the FoodCert website. Please stay tuned.

Canadian Certified HACCP Professional

The Canadian HACCP Professional certification is Food Processing Skills Canada's flagship designation. With this certification individuals are recognized as food safety leaders, industry experts and innovative. Food safety is the number one priority for food and beverage manufacturers. Learn more about the process and designation here. Let's get started.

Canadian Certified Food Production Supervisor

Food Production Supervisors bring specialized skills and understanding to the manufacturing facility. An individual with this certification is valued as an expert in the field. Please stay tuned for launch of this program.

Canadian Certified Fish and Seafood Primary Processor

If you are in the fish and seafood sector this designation will be of interest to you. In development and specific to the needs of primary processors, it's the certification you have been looking for. Please stay tuned.

Canadian Certified Cheesemaker

Recognizing a deficit in Canadian trained and certified cheesemakers, Food Processing Skills Canada developed the National Occupational Standards for the position in consultation with the dairy processing industry. Following steps included consultation with post-secondary institutions delivering the cheesemaking curriculum and development of the certification process. Please stay tuned for completion of this important designation.

Frontline Food Production Professional

Our latest certification in development, The Frontline Food Production Professional is for individuals in food and beverage manufacturing seeking recognition for specific skills and knowledge. This is an important certification for employers and employees alike. Please stay tuned for launch of this certification.