Immigration & International Programs

Helping new Canadians, landed immigrants and non-Canadian residents succeed.

Immigration & International Programs

Food Processing Skills Canada believes that Canada is a stronger country when newcomers are successfully integrated into society and able to secure a rewarding career. Many newcomers bring with them skills and training for the food industry that is applicable to the Canadian industry and in high demand by employers.

Recent research completed by FPSC looked at four population segments in Canada that have traditionally faced labour market challenges – youth, Indigenous Canadians, recent immigrants and individuals unemployed or having been unemployed at least twice in the last five years.

The segments were selected to assess perception and willingness to work in the sector based on their relatively high unemployment rates. In 2018, 5.8% of Canadians were unemployed and the average unemployment of Canadians 25 years or older slightly lower at 5%. By comparison, 9.4% of recent immigrants (0-5 years), 6.4% of immigrants (5-10 years) and 10.1% of the Indigenous population were unemployed. Young Canadians (15-24 years) ranked highest at 11.1%.

The survey data revealed that individuals in the four target segments show employment promise and were found to be significantly –

  • More highly motivated to look for employment opportunities.
  • More likely to have definitive views of the sector (including both positive and negative perceptions).
  • More interested in taking a job in food and beverage processing compared to the average Canadian resident.

Canadian food and beverage manufacturers are the number one manufacturing employer in the country providing over a quarter of a million jobs. The opportunities for career development are endless.

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Food Safety Employment Readiness Program

If you are interested in a career in Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industry and have a Canadian immigration number, the Food Safety Employment Readiness Program is for you. This program is the first of its kind online food safety management program for newcomers.

Newcomer Community Engagement

You have arrived in Canada and you are ready to get settled into a new lifestyle and career. We can help with offering new skills and fine tuning your current food industry skills so you are fully prepared to find the right job. Check out our programs and resources to get you started.

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Immigration Agency Partnerships

Canada is home to a network of people and non-profit groups available to assist newcomers in getting established. Recognizing this available expertise, FPSC has gained a reputation for collaborating in a way that provides easy access for newcomers to resources through these networks.

International Development

What we have learned in Canada about training and skills development is applicable to the food and beverage manufacturing industries in other jurisdictions around the globe. Jobs in food safety and operations for instance, have common themes whether you are working in Canada or on another continent.

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