Key Projects

Initiatives at the heart of FPSC's activities - this is where it all starts.

Key Projects

Our projects focus on delivering solutions to labour market challenges and opportunities. Outcomes of our work, such as the Food Skills Library and the Canadian Food Processors Institute, are solving immediate human resources and workforce development issues.
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Achieving Our Workforce Destination

Building on the accomplishments of Raising the Standards and Professionalizing the Industry — Achieving Our Workforce Destination: Qualified People, Successful Careers & Competitive Business is a new program designed to elevate the Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industry’s workforce development expectations and ambitions with real, practical activities and resources.

Futureproofing the Food and Beverage Processing Workforce

An exciting new project in Atlantic Canada to address evolving skills demands through specialized training for employees, and mentorship for participants on developing a culture of continuous learning in the workplace. This project will also provide an important testing ground for the Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industry’s Learning and Recognition Framework and its success in guiding training and career development.

Professionalizing Food and Beverage TOP

Professionalizing the Canadian Food and Beverage Industry

Professionalizing the Canadian Food and Beverage Industry has been a flagship program of FPSC since 2017. This project has set the blueprint for development of the National Occupational Standards, Essential Skills and Language Benchmarks. We have committed to certification of skills and learning outcomes for hundreds of course subjects. We have also developed a Learning & Recognition Framework which provides a clear learning pathway and the skills required. For those that want to better understand the framework and how it fits with other models around the world, the Learning & Recognition Framework Report is available.

Labour Market Information

Canadian food and beverage manufacturers are a top employer in the country but by 2025, the industry will experience a shortage up to 65,000 people. The intersection between business and people has never been so important. That's why FPSC provides the most accurate and current labour market information for the sector – meat, seafood, dairy, bakery and other categories – so that together, we can start planning for tomorrow.


Succeeding at Work

Succeeding at Work is a new, fully funded workforce development program offering two training streams for maximum benefit to industry. Job seekers have access to 4.5 weeks of targeted training and connections to employers, and businesses have access to a custom program offering their employees education and upskilling while on the job.

On-Farm Food Safety Program

The On-Farm Food Safety Program provides up to $10,000 in funding to establish or enhance food safety in your British Columbia on-farm business.

Post-Farm Food Safety Program

The Post-Farm Food Safety Program provides up to $20,000 in funding to establish or enhance food safety in your British Columbia business operation.

The Food Safety Management Training Program

The Food Safety Management Training Program offers skilled individuals, that have applied for permanent residency, the skills and knowledge necessary to transfer into a successful Canadian career. This program prepares new Canadians for a new career in food safety.

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Raising the Standards

Raising the Standards led the way to the development of competency-based national occupational standards for the industry. And as part of a broader human resources strategy being implemented, FPSC has developed 20+ occupational standards, 13 essential skills and job descriptions, occupation-specific certification program model and a pan-Canadian accreditation model.