Food Safety Employment Readiness Program

Putting your skills to good use in the food and beverage industry.

Food Safety Employment Readiness Program

The food and beverage manufacturing industry employees approximately 300,000 people and 100,000 more in related fields. With thousands of businesses across Canada contributing 2% of Canada's gross domestic product - this is an impressive sector.

The industry in Canada is growing but there is a serious shortage of workers due to retirement and a mismatch between required skills and available jobseekers. There is so much opportunity for immigrants and new Canadians to build a career in this industry. In fact, the industry employs the most immigrant people at 27%, then any other manufacturing sector.

This program is open to all individuals who are coming to Canada (pre-arrival) or already living in Canada.

Program Features:

  • Access to 22 courses
  • Electronic certificates of achievement on program completion
  • Online training available 24/7 with continuous support
  • 45 days to complete
  • Over $10,000 CAD in training value
The program provides participants with official Canadian certificates of completion and an official transcript detailing the skills acquired. Individuals will benefit from a quicker transition into Canadian life with the training and skills food and beverage manufacturing companies need the most.
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