About FPSC

We support food and beverage manufacturing businesses in developing skilled employees and creating exceptional workplaces.

Food Processing Skills Canada

FPSC is your labour, skills and workforce development non-profit organization. Our job is to provide leadership in professionalizing the food and beverage manufacturing industry so that the most important resource - people - are the best in the world. We have developed a national skills strategy which is a proven long-term approach successfully utilized by other Canadian professional sectors. This strategy builds collaborations with industry, government, academia, unions, associations, community organizations and other stakeholders.

To better understand the alignment and connectivity of FPSC activities check out our Asset Wheel. This framework is at the heart of the organization and guides all of our work. Every element of the Asset Wheel has objectives and specific deliverables such as programs, resources and tools. This is our home base and we hope it will also be yours for workforce planning and development.

Interested in finding and developing the best people for your team? Our resources in training, skills development, accreditation and certification are designed to propel Canadians and new Canadians into rewarding careers.

Let us tell you more!

FPSC keeps industry ahead of the curve – here is what we do.

  • Implement new learning frameworks
  • Set industry standards
  • Conduct insightful research
  • Provide companies with funding
  • Certify people’s skills
  • Lead competency development
  • Export new course concepts & training models
  • Provide accreditation
  • Listen, learn and respond

Explore what we do

Check out our resources designed for you.

Our work directly and positively impacts industry talent attraction, workforce retention and employment culture. We care about assisting the industry in finding, training and retaining the very best people for the job.

Through our partnerships with regional, provincial and federal governments in Canada, FPSC has developed exceptional resources for the industry including the Food Skills Library, Canadian Food Processors Institute, FoodCert and Labour Market Information Reports.

Beyond Canadian borders, our leadership in skills development has not gone unnoticed. We are building collaborations with international food and beverage stakeholders to deliver on specialized programs and resources.

Our Story

Food Processing Skills Canada took root as the National Seafood Sector Council in early 2000. In 2009, the organization transitioned to the Food Processing Human Resources Council to support all food and beverage manufacturers in Canada.

Today, Food Processing Skills Canada has an updated brand but maintains the same high quality commitment to providing industry with the best workforce development resources. Partners include federal and provincial governments, educational institutions across the country and industry associations that are dedicated to facilitating a competitive business environment for food and beverage manufacturers.

At FPSC, we also pride ourselves in assisting Canadians, new Canadians and newcomers with opportunities to develop skills and gain rewarding careers. Our comprehensive programs and networks connect people, support employers and provide the best resources for industry.

“Educate, cultivate and empower an exceptionally skilled workforce.”

- Our Vision