Recruitment & Retention

As many as 65,000 new people are required by 2025 in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. The perfect job is waiting for you.

Recruitment & Retention

Food and beverage manufacturing is a vital part of Canada’s agri-food sector and key to the country’s continued prosperity. The sector represents the largest manufacturing industry in Canada and is poised to realize historic opportunities for growth.

As the world population continues to grow, so too does the demand for Canada’s high quality food. But, there are challenges to meet and overcome if Canada is to realize the opportunities that will come with an anticipated 70% growth in global food demand by 2020.

FPSC estimates that by 2025, the Canadian food and beverage processing industry will need to recruit 44,000 new employees to replace individuals who are retiring or simply exiting the industry. In an environment where the sector already experiences a higher than normal vacancy rate and competes in an open field for employees with other manufacturing sectors, the challenge is a significant one.

Now imagine an even larger demand on recruitment and retention strategies when industry growth and expansion is factored in. Not only do companies need employees, but they also need individuals with the right attributes and skills that meet the current and future labour requirements. Bottom line, recruitment and retention is at the top of every CEO, CFO and human resource team's priority list.


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