Become an Instructor

We offer an instructor accreditation process that meets industry's needs.

Become an Instructor

When it comes to learning, we all need an instructor. Courses delivered through the Canadian Food Processors Institute have been designed with the best learning and guidance management practices. When it comes to training in person, a qualified and proven instructor is a must.

For situations, where FPSC courses are being taught in a classroom setting, the instructors must be approved through our application process. Here are a few examples on how this works.

  • You are an employer who has licensed a course from FPSC for in facility delivery. One of your team members is a manager who would be ideal as the trainer.
  • You are part of a community organization and have licensed courses from FPSC to train local food companies. One of the courses is on soft skills and leadership and the other on food safety and HACCP. You know two people that bring these respective skill sets and experience to the job.
  • You are an industry consultant and want to be included on FPSC’s list of approved instructors so that you can provide training to companies in your region.

For any of these situations the process of achieving instructor approval is simple. Just download this application form, share your qualifications and get started.