Student Work Placement Program (SWPP+)
Up to $7,000 in Funding!

Hire a Post Secondary Student!
Connecting skilled and motivated students with employers offering career growth.

Student Work Placement Program+

Food Processing Skills Canada’s Student Work Placement Program+ is a program for employers in the Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industry to hire students in colleges and universities across the country. Posting a job, hiring a college or university student, and accessing up to $7,000 in wage subsidy is easy.

This program has been designed to support employers in connecting with students across all educational categories from food science to business, engineering and quality assurance. Workplace integrated learning (WIL) is a proven method in bridging barriers between employers, students and jobseekers. WIL provides individuals, both on the employer and employee side of the equation, to explore business development relationships and career pathways. These types of placements also provide an excellent forum for employers to “test” new skill sets in the workplace and students to “trial” their education in a professional setting. Often, students will return to the company following graduation for full time employment.

To support robust diversity and inclusion within the industry, Food Processing Skills Canada has identified specific demographic groups to encourage integration of student – employer matching in the following areas:

  • Women in STEM
  • First-year students
  • Recent immigrants (within last 5 years)
  • Indigenous people
  • Visible Minorities
  • Persons with disabilities

This exciting program will connect colleges and universities, employers, community agencies and industry associations in the common goal of attracting skilled and enthusiastic new leaders to the Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industry.