Standardizing education to align curriculum with industry careers.


Accreditation is the process of publicly recognizing a school, institute, college, university or specialized program of study for having met certain established qualifications or standards.

Accreditation can help industry mitigate risks when addressing training requirements. Although accreditation can’t guarantee training outcomes, it can serve as a signal for quality when making decisions over which courses, programs and providers to engage.

Developing an accreditation program for education and training has been a top priority of FPSC for a number of years. A feasibility study, completed by the organization, explored the benefits of standardizing education and training for the industry.

Accreditation will be a value to private trainers, in house trainers, colleges and to a lesser extent universities. The program will accredit courses and endorse trainers and employer instructors.

Currently there is no Canadian based accreditation program offered in food and beverage manufacturing and there should be. FPSC has committed to a streamlined, cost-effective, online and easy to understand accreditation program. The program will standardize training and close the gap between courses offered and training required by industry.

Accreditation is a key component of professionalizing the industry and directly relates to the Learning Recognition Framework. Together these resources are streamlining curriculum that is industry-responsive and consistent with industry-approved learning objectives. We will be launching the industry's first accreditation process in 2021.

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Learning & Recognition Framework

FPSC has developed the first of its kind Learning Recognition Framework for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. This resource is a must have for industry and educators. The framework is supported by the Food Skills Library - a nationally-validated mapping of skills and competencies across job tasks and levels. Industry led this impressive endeavour and now everybody can benefit.

Interactive Framework

We have taken the Learning Recognition Framework, developed by industry for industry, and created an interactive platform so you can easily review the pathway for specific jobs from entry level through to management.

This interactive framework is also a perfect tool for educators and trainers to assess and align curriculum with national learning objectives - the first important step to course accreditation.

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Accreditation & Curriculum Mapping

Learning objectives are foundational to any education and training. Now with development of the Learning Recognition Framework, post-secondary institutions, educators and trainers have a nationally recognized model to align curriculum. As the national skills organization for food and beverage manufacturing funded by the Government of Canada, Food Processing Skills Canada's Learning Recognition Framework is the gold standard. By matching curriculum learning objectives to the Learning Recognition Framework, courses can be accredited which leads to accredited individuals. It's a win - win.

List of Food and Beverage Educational Programs

From coast to coast, Canadian universities and colleges prepare people for a career in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. We work closely with these post-secondary institutions supporting and guiding curriculum development and providing additional training. And as we develop the national accreditation process, these programs will be aligned to the national standard and students accredited.

It is an exciting time in food and beverage industry education and you will be amazed at the number of colleges and universities involved across the country.

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Licensing of Courses

If you are considering specific training for your team of professionals or are a trainer interested in offering a course, FPSC has course licensing option for you. We will provide the materials and the content and you go to work!

Become an Instructor

We partner with colleges, industry associations, training organizations and companies across Canada to deliver FPSC training courses. Are you interested in becoming a qualified instructor? The process is simple. Complete our training qualification application to become accredited.

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Approved FPSC Instructors

Our approved and accredited instructors located across Canada are primed to deliver in person courses at your location. The training can be customized or selected from a suite of courses already developed by FPSC.