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Leading Edge Programs

Where there is a gap in workforce development and career planning, FPSC develops a solution. We provide industry with grant funding and innovative programming to help businesses grow.

These programs support Canadian food and beverage manufacturers in having the most exceptionally skilled workforce in the world and remaining competitive players on the global stage. To do this, we conduct labour market research that identifies labour and skills shortages. This information then drives discussion with key decision and policy makers. Often our programs are delivered in partnership with a government agency or industry association.

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The objective of this project is to address the limited English language literacy and proficiency skills for New Canadians and the Immigrant workforce in the Ontario food and beverage industry.

Starting in November 2021, the SAW Language Stream project will provide 20+ Ontario F + B Companies and 300 Employees with skills training opportunities by developing and delivering 10 online courses in 6 different languages!

Succeeding At Work

Succeeding at Work is a new, fully funded workforce development program offering two training streams for maximum benefit to industry. Job seekers have access to 4.5 weeks of targeted training and connections to employers, and businesses have access to a custom program offering their employees education and upskilling while on the job.

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BC Post-Farm

This program provides up to $20,000 in funding to BC food and beverage manufacturing facilities for the implementation of food safety activities. Check out program terms and eligibility.

BC On-Farm

This program provides up to $10,000 in funding to eligible on-farm businesses - farmers, producers, ranchers, packers - for the implementation of food safety activities. Check it out.

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Skills Training Atlantic Canada

An exciting new project in Atlantic Canada to address evolving skills demands through specialized training for employees, and mentorship for participants on developing a culture of continuous learning in the workplace. This project will also provide an important testing ground for the Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industry’s Learning and Recognition Framework and its success in guiding training and career development.

Roadmap for Food Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you ready to jump into the food and beverage industry? Let us help you prepare with an interactive course designed for innovative entrepreneurs like you.

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