Professionalizing the Food & Beverage Industry

Raising the bar for employers and employees.

Professionalizing the Food & Beverage Industry

Professionalizing the Canadian Food and Beverage Industry has been a flagship program of FPSC since 2017.

The program was designed to provide employers with relevant and usable human resource strategies and tools such as the occupation-specific skills standards and the implementation of industry-based certification and accreditation programs.

The goal is to transform today’s human resource challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities for increased employment and economic growth. Together with industry, industry associations, unions, educators and government we are developing a highly skilled and resilient workforce.

  • Industry-specific National Occupational Standards, essential skills profiles, job descriptions and Canadian language benchmarks.
  • On-line, industry-based certification and accreditation programs, and a training and recognition of skills framework, for the food processing industry.
  • A Learning Recognition Framework that identifies all of the paths for acquiring skills, employment or education within the industry.
  • On-line HR tools, including a virtual workplace essential skills data base, and tools for use in recruitment, training and retention.

This work will contribute to advancing Canada’s food processing workforce, increasing levels of professionalism and strengthening the profile of the industry, both at home and internationally. It will help more Canadians secure employment in a dynamic industry that is vitally important to countless rural and remote communities across the country.

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Advancing Canada’s food and beverage processing workforce and increasing levels of professionalism.