Future Skills

As many as 65,000 new jobs by 2025. You have the talent, we can assist with the skills.

Future Skills

The future of skills requirements in the food and beverage industry is closely tethered to the future of innovation and trends. Imagine the future of food from both a production and consumer perspective to better understand the organizational and occupational skills needed.

A number of trends will predominate in the future.


Products & Labelling

  • Food Transparency
  • More Good Fats, Less Sugar
  • High Protein & Alternative Protein Sources
  • New, Unusual & Global Flavour Profiles



  • Increasing Automation
  • Novel Technologies/New Applications
  • Biotechnology & Nanotechnology
  • Packaging
  • Data and Data Collection


Business Environment

  • Increased Competition and Consolidation
  • Increased Cost of Inputs/Ingredients
  • Global Market Uncertainty
  • Regulations vs. Innovation
  • Sustainability & Social Responsibility


Consumer Relationship

  • Acceleration of Consumer Intelligence Technology
  • Food Information & Tools Available to Consumers
  • Protection of Customer Data
  • New Sales Relationships


These trends will require new and transferable skills and knowledge.

  • Critical thinking
  • Solution-focused
  • Cross-cultural
  • Product Developers
  • Automation & Technology
  • Globally-minded
  • Problem-solving
  • Food Scientists
  • Mechanical & Digital
  • Food Safety

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