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Modernizing the Workplace with National Occupational Standards

In recent years, employers have needed to adapt at an expeditious pace to incorporate advanced technology, acclimate to global issues, and accommodate changing consumer buying habits.

National Occupational Standard for Fish & Seafood Primary Processor Complete, Crustaceans Certification in Development

Thank you to Canada’s fish and seafood industry for partnering with FPSC’s Professionalizing the Food and Beverage Industry team led by Tracy Biernacki-Dusza.

Are you a Normal Leader? Or a New Normal Leader?

Resilient organizations and leaders are like putty - stretched, pulled and twisted, yet still hold their shape.

An interview with Deanna Zenger, Project Manager, Succeeding at Work

What is Succeeding at Work?
A premier program of Food Processing Skills Canada designed to support Canadian food and beverage manufacturing employers build skilled and motivated employee teams, and help job seekers achieve their professional goals.

COVID-19 Resource Guide for Food and Beverage Processing Businesses and Employees

Latest resources for food and beverage manufacturers operating in a COVID-19 global pandemic environment. This FPSC Guide is updated regularly.

Crisis Communications & Employees - what we learned from Hans Dairy

Living and working during a global pandemic is new to all of us - this situation with COVID-19 is unprecedented.

Don’t Stagnate, Choose to Grow – The Case for Upskilling

The definition of stagnation is the lack of activity, growth and development. So, if you are not supporting your employees in upskilling, are you stagnant? And what happens when you don’t continually train and advance the people within your organization?

How to get staff on board with eLearning

You’ve finalized all the eLearning details for your organization, except one: How to get employee buy-in.

Building staff relationships through benefits

Think of your workplace as your backyard. You have heard the expression: a good fence makes good neighbors. It is a good contractor, however, that builds a good fence: a contractor that is trade-certified, experienced, talented, and motivated to produce a quality product on time and on budget.

Talent Attraction – A New Playbook for Industry

Talent attraction is a top priority for industry if businesses are going to grow. The next generation of skilled young people will fill exciting new jobs and replace retiring individuals.