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Learn about the exciting and diverse careers in Canada's food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Explore the Career Wheel

The Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industry offers an incredible variety of jobs and careers. This industry employs over 300,000 people and it’s growing. There are so many employment options for New Canadians, second career individuals, people returning to work, and youth graduating from secondary or post-secondary education. This is an exciting time for employers and jobseekers to connect through positions that are recession-proof, sustainable, and rewarding.

Career Wheel

To better understand the opportunities, Food Processing Skills Canada created the Career Wheel. This comprehensive and interactive resource takes visitors through a journey beginning with an explanation of the 11 subsectors of the industry, and related job details, followed by the National Occupational Codes (NOC) and recognizable companies.

The Career Wheel is a rich resource that makes exploration enjoyable and informative. We encourage anybody who is considering a career in the food and beverage manufacturing industry or provides guidance to jobseekers and students to bookmark the Career Wheel for easy sharing.

For a quick understanding of industry roles, you can also download the Career Map to view categories of employment.