Job Competencies
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Job Competencies & Descriptions

Our job descriptions for more than 18 occupations can help you develop effective job postings to recruit qualified staff if you are an employer, or plan your career in the food processing sector if you are a job seeker.
The job description provides a detailed overview of a particular occupation, including education and training, salaries and benefits, key responsibilities, ideal worker characteristics, typical work environments, and career paths.

It is important to have an accurate, updated job description in place before creating a job posting to fill a vacancy. A job description is an outline, which typically includes these basic elements:

  • Job title
  • Paragraph overview of the job
  • List of primary duties and responsibilities
  • Working conditions

An effective job description describes the skills expected of the applicant. Communicating clear job expectations at the onset increases the probability of finding the right person and the competencies can assist with this. The competencies are the roadmap for the entire recruitment process. Once the job description is created, the tasks and important information can be transferred to the job posting.

Our 400+ competency units provide a common language to describe the skills that industry needs from its workers and the skills that educators need to design curriculum to train the workers. A competency is a skill or ability to do something. The skills can be learned through training or experience and through a combination of practice and knowledge acquisition.

A job competency is the description of the ability of a worker to perform a job task. A worker to be deemed competent must demonstrate they have the ability to perform the task. Interested in learning more about competencies? Download Understanding Competencies.