Sustainable Workforce: Bridging Recruitment and Environmental Responsibility


Sustainable Workforce: Bridging Recruitment and Environmental Responsibility

Join Kevin as he delves into the intricate relationship between sustainability and recruitment. Drawing upon comprehensive research findings, Kevin will showcase the undeniable data-backed connections between sustainable practices and their impact on attracting and retaining talent.

From the perspectives of processors, retailers, and consumers, he’ll illuminate how sustainability initiatives resonate across the employment landscape. Moreover, Kevin will unveil actionable strategies for businesses to enhance their sustainability metrics, thereby bolstering their appeal to prospective employees.

Don’t miss this enlightening webinar on March 21st, where you’ll discover how prioritizing sustainability can transform your workforce dynamics while fostering a greener future for all.

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Kevin Elder Speaker Bio

Kevin’s journey from his roots in Alberta and California to his current home in Ottawa has been defined by a passion for food and beverage processing. His career began uniquely as the Vapour Heat Treatment Facility Manager at a mango plant in Australia, igniting his interest in the intricate processes of the industry.

In 2017, Kevin found his niche at Food Processing Skills Canada (FPSC), where he has been instrumental in leading the organization’s Labour Market Information insights. His commitment to providing valuable insights has positioned FPSC as a key player in the industry, and Kevin proudly represents the organization on various national and regional committees. Through his dedicated advocacy, decision-makers have gained access to the best available information, enabling informed choices that drive the industry forward.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Kevin is a dedicated sports enthusiast. Whether he’s coaching, playing, or avidly watching sports, he brings the same level of energy and dedication that defines his work in the food processing sector.

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