Career Awareness

Did you know the food and beverage manufacturing industry is Canada's number one manufacturing employer? Jobs are plentiful and diverse with a wide range of skills requirements.

Career Awareness

Canada's food and beverage manufacturing industry is the number one manufacturing employer in the country. An incredible quarter million people work in the industry in a variety of jobs requiring a broad set of skills. Despite this, the industry has a vacancy rate 1% higher than other manufacturing sectors. And with forecasts showing large employment gaps by 2025, the potential to find a great job is greater than ever.

Research completed by Food Processing Skills Canada on career awareness revealed some important insight for employers on talent attraction and retention. Almost 50% of the people surveyed had little or no awareness of the industry. This is an opportune time for employers to talk about rewarding careers. At Food Processing Skills Canada we are helping with sharing the message and connecting people with businesses.


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