Labour Market Information

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Labour Market Information

Latest research conducted by FPSC has revealed a very serious issue for Canadian food and beverage manufacturers. By 2025, businesses located across the country will experience an employment gap of up to 65,000 people. That means thousands of quality jobs will be vacant.

The reasons for this situation are complex but known factors impacting workforce development include –

  • Talent attraction & retention
  • Training & upskilling
  • Workplace culture & environment
  • Policies & programs

Understanding labour market information is essential to identifying industry skills gaps and developing solutions. It also helps education and training stakeholders to better understand the job requirements and skills gaps in the Canadian sector.

In February 2020, FPSC released a national food and beverage manufacturing industry labour market survey. This survey was distributed to companies, human resource professionals and senior management across the country. Insights gained from this survey will complement the labour market analysis and assist in addressing regional workforce challenges across the Canada.

FPSC knows Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industry is facing many challenges with workforce development being a key priority. The information offered by labour market analysis is assisting industry, governments, associations and other stakeholders in making informed decisions on policy and programming.

FPSC has been conducting national and subsector analysis of labour market information for the food and beverage manufacturing industry in Canada for many years. The insights have been vital to understanding the labour environment and designing solutions that support people and businesses.

The current 2019/2020 labour market analysis follows closely behind the sub sector analysis on the meat and seafood sectors already completed by FPSC. To access available labour market research reports follow this link.